Rat & Mouse Control

Rats can be very persistent in their attempts to access properties or food storage areas chewing through wood, plaster and even light metal.


Cockroaches are hardy insects but unlike aphids and other true bugs they are without the special adaptions like sucking mouth-parts.

Crawling Insects

The majority of insects in the U.K have wings at the adult stage to aid transport or to enable the breeding process.

Flying Insects

Most insects develop wings on maturing to their adult stage to aid transportation or as part of the breeding process. Some insects like cockroaches use their wings infrequently, often as a means of escape or to travel greater distances than crawling.

Pest eradication services

Pests can cause damage to your property and can also lead to serious health issue if left untreated. We provide affordable and hassle-free pest control in leeds services. We have several years of experience in this line of business and our staff will ensure that your home and commercial space is free from pests.

Bird control services

Birds can make your premises look dirty by dislodging roof tiles and blocking your guttering. They can also spread diseases such as E.Coli and salmonella. We employ innovative and humane bird removal services. You can rely on us to provide services to both commercial and domestic customers.